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Articles Posted in Real Estate Transactions

What Is the Difference Between a Title Company and a Real Estate Attorney Handling My Closing?
Fleitas PLLC

A title company facilitates the purchase and the sale. They cannot provide legal advice. The attorney, on the other hand, can provide legal advice and will represent your interests.  Given that a real estate purchase and sale is typically one of the most important events in a person’s life, it is strongly recommended that you…

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What Is the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (firpta)?(FIRPTA)?
Fleitas PLLC

When a foreign person sells United States real property, that is a taxable event. The buyer is responsible for withholding. The rate of withholding generally is 15% (10% for dispositions before February 17, 2016).  Generally, FIRPTA withholding is not required  if the buyer  acquires the property for use as a residence and the sales price…

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Why Should a Buyer Have an Attorney Perform a Lien Search on a Property Being Purchased?
Fleitas PLLC

As opposed to a title search, a lien search is a search of unrecorded matter that could affect title to the property. Without a lien search, you would not know of any building violations, any open permits, or any unpaid utility charges. It is very important prior to purchasing any real estate in Florida to…

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