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Italian Citizenship, Immigration & Law

Our Italian Citizenship, Immigration & Law team seeks to connect Italy and the United States, by bridging the distance between the two countries and bringing together its people. A significant part of our work focuses on Italian dual citizenship applications. Through our dedicated services, many of our clients are able to uncover the numerous benefits of Italian Citizenship, as it not only provides an opportunity to explore their ancestry but also enables them to obtain two passports. Our commitment is to support clients every step of the way on this rewarding journey. Our experienced team researches, finds, orders, and prepares U.S. immigration documents, vital records, and other historical documents to effectively prepare and document applications to be submitted in Italy or the United States. Our attorneys partner with capable Italian attorneys and together, we represent clients who want to apply for Dual Italian Citizenship, whether those applications are by decent (Jure Sanguinis), or through marriage (Jure Matrimoni). You can reap the multiple benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship as our firm is dedicated to providing you with knowledgeable advice as we guide you through this process.


Our Firm handles cases of Italian Citizenship by descent regularly and we provide quality assistance to every single client we represent. Together with our partners in Italy, we simplify the complex application process and oversee your case from start to finish. We research, gather, authenticate, translate, and prepare all the necessary documents for your Dual Citizenship application. In most cases, we are even able to bypass the long waiting periods in the Italian Consulates, by processing your applications through Italian courts. Our team of U.S. and Italian attorneys quickly resolve matters of U.S. law overlapping with Italian law, to expedite your case and provide you with the best service possible. We also handle complex Italian Dual Citizenship applications and cases, including 1948 cases and cases that may seem ineligible at first glance. Once you obtain your Italian Citizenship, we will even handle the application for your Italian passport!


If you’re thinking about pursuing Italian dual citizenship alone, please know it is a complex and time-consuming undertaking. Regrettably, there are no easy loopholes to obtaining Italian Citizenship. However, as a knowledgeable attorney in this field, and through my own experience as a dual citizen of the U.S. and Italy, my goal is to materialize your dream of becoming an Italian dual citizen, as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible.

Getting started involves filling out our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will email you our Intake Questionnaire to provide our team with key information about your Italian ancestors and their life events, so we may trace your Italian lineage. Our team will assess your responses and determine your eligibility for free. We also welcome you to give us a call so we can schedule your FREE initial consultation and answer any questions you may have regarding the form. If you have Italian grandparents or great-grandparents, then you may be eligible and can begin the process of becoming a Dual Italian-American citizen by descent today!

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If you would like us to contact you so that you can take the next steps toward obtaining Italian Citizenship, click HERE.


The attorneys at Fleitas & Arca, together with our Italian attorney partners, regularly represent clients who have Italian ancestors and seek to obtain Italian Dual citizenship by descent (JUS SANGUINIS) as well as other individuals who seek to apply for citizenship through their marriage with an Italian citizen (JURE MATRIMONI).

Our Italian Citizenship, Immigration & Law team creates a seamless transition and offers practical and efficient immigration and business solutions for individuals, families, or business entities seeking to enter either the U.S. or Italian territories and/or markets. We regularly represent Italian businesses and individuals seeking to relocate to the United States for business or personal purposes, as well as clients from around the world seeking to move to Italy, for business, retirement, or personal reasons.

Our immigration and business lawyers represent clients from all over the world. Our Miami-based attorneys work in conjunction with a trusted network of Italian attorneys, and together, we guide clients in pursuing Italian Dual Citizenship by descent for them and their families; Italian Dual Citizenship through marriage; Resident Office Visas, Elective Residency Visas; Italian Investor Visas; Italian Residency Permits or Permesso di Soggiorno; clients seeking to acquire Italian Real Estate or clients seeking to pursue business and commercial activities in Italy.

I look forward to meeting and offering you my skills and turnkey legal services, as you embark on the journey of obtaining Italian Dual Citizenship. It would be my pleasure to assist you in reconnecting with your Italian heritage and passing a generational gift to your descendants.

Lorenzo Arca, Esq.


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